Nappyville consist of 2 group members.

1. Rokstar

2. KissGangTruly

Our lives are but a drop into the World’s oceans. They used to tell us we wouldn’t live to see 25, but from being sought after by every major record label to working directly with drug lords turned CEOs we’ve never lost sight of our goals. Coming from the roughest streets where most young males die prematurely or go to prison we forged our skills from the chaos. Whether emerging from near death situations or picking up the pieces and starting from scratch, these are just a few of the many struggles that have defined the very supernatural duo that make up the group Nappyville.

Nappyville consists of two extremely dynamic artists. One being Rokstar and two being Kiss Gang Truly. From the beginning Nappyville has been in total control of their brand. They have written all of their own songs, produced their own beats, directed and filmed their own videos, and mixed and edited all of their own projects. The successes they have enjoyed on these projects have led them to direct videos for Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, Trey Songz, and Flo Rida. Rokstar brings a very charismatic explosive sound to the duo as well as producing a great deal of the beat productions and music videos. Kiss Gang Truly brings energy and soul felt melodies that are undeniable and irresistible to the masses coupled with sex appeal for the ladies.

Together Nappyville is a two man production machine that fills a void while providing something very special to the world of music!